The Mind-Body-Fertility Connection

The Mind-Body-Fertility Connection

I know you feel overwhelmed right now, you feel frustrated, isolated, you are asking yourself "Why is this happening to me, when everyone around me is having babies easily?" You can't listen to the stories your friends tell about their children every time you meet, your family making it clear that your clock is ticking and everyone around you tells you to “just relax and it will happen”.

I feel your pain. It's enough, you don't deserve to be in this situation, infertility is not something you should have to live with. I can assure you that you are not infertile, it is only that your fertility is temporarily blocked and it is just a matter of identifying the blocks and getting rid of them so you can have your baby very soon.

I will challenge what you have been thinking about fertility or infertility so far. I am here to help you and support you and teach you how to support yourself, because that is all you need, you have everything inside of you, everything to get pregnant and becoming a mother is within you, and I will show you how to unleash your fertility. I don’t believe there is such thing as infertility, every woman is fertile, every woman is born with everything she needs to become a mother, so are you!

Explained and unexplained infertility

The WHO has proclaimed that women or couples are infertile after one year of unsuccessfully trying for a baby, they are even saying that infertility is a disease. So after a while of trying naturally without success, we go to our gynecologist and ask what is wrong with our body, what is not working correctly in the body. Lots of tests are being made so we know which steps to take next. We receive a diagnosis of out-of-balance hormones, PCOS, endometriosis, poor sperm or egg quality. Traditional doctors only look at the symptoms or if they cannot find any, they will tell you that you have unexplained infertility. So we now have our diagnosis and it seems much easier to hand over the power, our responsibility, our hope to someone else, someone apparently smarter, a more experienced person that might have all the answers and who can fix us.

The problem is that doctors only look at symptoms but they are not trained to look deeper, they don't have enough time to ask patients about their lives. You don't get our most pressing questions answered: why am I not getting pregnant? Why are my hormones out of balance?

Where do you think pregnancy starts?

Does pregnancy start in your uterus or in the ovaries, when the sperm and the egg meet? Definitely it starts in the body, right? Well, the ability to conceive really starts in your brain. Your brain releases different hormones that make ovulation possible. The mind and body communicate through hormones and neurotransmitter which originate in the brain and which are then sent to different parts of the body. Your brain is in control of the functioning of your body, it is the power center within you.

Every thought you think triggers an emotion you feel, and how we feel influences what we do and what we experience. Thoughts are words we speak to ourselves, and thoughts we keep thinking over and over again become beliefs that guide our behaviour. Those beliefs have quite an impact on how we feel, on our body and our whole life. I have listed a few simple yet interesting exercises for you to show you how we can influence our bodies with our thoughts alone. These two little exercises will show you that your body must always react to your thoughts, whether they are real or not. 

Listen to the recording below and see what happens:

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Another fun thing to do: (you will need a partner to try it)

Stand up and stretch out one of your arms straight in front of you at an 90 degree angle. Let the other person try to push down your arm to see how strong you are in a neutral state. Now, close your eyes and keep telling yourself, out loud or silently, that you are weak, infertile, I am failing, I hate my body etc. While doing that, the other person pushes down your arm and feel the difference.

Next, while stretching out your arm, you will close your eyes and tell yourself empowering words like: I am super fertile, I am a mother-to-be, I am getting pregnant, I am strong, I can cope with anything, I am powerful, I am unstoppable...Now have the other person push down your arm again.

Can you see a change in your body?

How your mind influences your body

The state of your mind and your emotions play a vital part in your well-being, something that is often overlooked. We are treating the mind and the body as two separate entities. But we really have to see them as one, your mind is expressing itself through your body. It is essential to understand this. What’s going on in your life and your environment, your thoughts and feelings are impacting your body..

The mind and the body are and always will be linked, influencing each other, by no means can you treat the body without looking at the mind, yet this is what we normally do.

When you are not getting pregnant or have received the diagnosis of endometriosis, or any other condition, it is the body's way of telling us that something is not right. See it as a wake-up call. It is your body trying to communicate with you. The question is: Will you listen?

When we have chronic headaches, it is not a solution to take painkillers every day to deal with the headache, we need to look where the headache is coming from and fix what is causing the headache. Once that is done, the headaches will disappear as well as the need to take painkillers. When you have a flooding in your house, and there is water coming through the ceiling, you won't just sweep the water off the floor and put a bucket where the water is dripping on the floor, instead you would investigate where the water is coming from, and fix the leakage at the root.

We need to do the same when it comes to fertility issues. We have to dig to the root of the problem, we have to look at the root causes. Understanding what is causing your temporary infertility is the first step towards becoming a mother. Doesn't it feel empowering that you have the solution within you? That you have the power to change things around?

Everything that you have experienced in your life is stored in your subconscious mind, every thought, every emotion, every experience, everything you heard and felt is stored, your subconscious mind has recorded everything. So we need to look into what has been going on in your life that is now temporarily blocking your fertility. We need to identify the emotions that are trapped in your body and release them so you can get pregnant soon.

Your body really is a mirroring your mind,  when a stressful event, traumatic experience, or a limiting belief you have formed is not processed or dealt with, your mind and body will be triggered and get into the stress mode.  Our body and mind memorise everything.

Mainly we are held back by fears and feelings of guilt and anger, there are fears stored inside of us which we might not even be aware of, that prevent us from getting pregnant or carrying our baby to full term. You can read more in depths about all kinds of possible blocks here.

Repressed emotions will manifest in the body

Any emotion that is repressed, denied, ignored will get stuck in the body, in your cells. The thoughts and emotions you are not acknowledging, dealing with, resolving, healing, will simply make themselves known elsewhere. Through conditions like out-of-balance hormones, endometriosis, poor egg or sperm quality, or through unexplained infertility, your body is sending you a message that something isn’t right, that something is out of balance.

Please read how a fertility session with me looks like.

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