Rapid Transformational Therapy for Infertility - How RTT Can Help You When Trying to Conceive

Rapid Transformational Therapy for Infertility - How RTT Can Help You When Trying to Conceive

I know that you’ve tried already many things over the past months or years, and that you are asking yourself how Rapid Transformational Therapy can make a difference, and why it can help you. After reading this article, you’ll know if Rapid Transformational Therapy is for you or not, I’ll explain it as clearly as possible, and you will then understand how RTT helps with infertility and how it will make trying to conceive a whole lot easier and more enjoyable, and give you all the answers you’ve been looking for. And this is the interesting thing: you have all the answers inside of you. We run around to all the experts, trusting others more than you trust yourself.

Discovering that you have all the answers inside of you is very powerful! RTT really is a fast and pain free way to overcome infertility. No drugs, no doctor appointments week after week, no pain, no stress. RTT takes the best from Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and adds so much more beyond that. It’s a hybrid of different modalities, combining methods that have proven to give fast and lasting results, to offer you the best there is.

How Does RTT Work?

RTT uses the power of hypnosis to get into the subconscious mind, read more about hypnosis here. Each RTT session starts with guiding you into a deep state of relaxation in which your body feels completely relaxed and your mind is very focussed. The busy mind, the chatter, the critical part of your mind is muted, and you can connect with your inner voice, the wisdom that lies within you. The subconscious mind is like a treasure box full of information, it knows everything and can function like your personal guide, teacher or coach, telling you what you need to know.

Following the relaxation, I will guide you to go back to different times in your life that have affected your fertility. Your subconscious mind will show you scenes from your life that have all to do with the fact why you are not getting pregnant, or staying pregnant now. It will show you the root cause or causes of your struggles. These scenes or experiences will either be familiar to you, or it can be something you have totally forgotten about, or couldn’t remember, like your own birth or scenes when you were still in utero. When, for example, your mother was very stressed or fearful during the pregnancy with you, you could have made the conclusion that life isn’t safe, and when you don’t think that life is safe, it is not safe to bring new life into this world, and this might block you from getting pregnant now. Therefore it is so important to identify these old beliefs and programmes and release them. If emotions like fear are stuck in your cells, your mind and body will make conception impossible in order to keep you safe.

Many clients go back to their childhood, to their own birth, into the womb of their mother, to times as a teenager, or to times during their 20s, or to recent years in their life. Everyone is different and has an individual story. Two people can experience the same thing but interpret it differently. One person may have experienced a difficult childhood and may have formed a (hidden) belief that they don’t want to have children because the only family life they know was a negative experience and they are afraid that they will have the same experience with their own children. Another person with a challenging childhood could think “I will do everything different and better than my parents” and that drives them to a happy family life of their own. It is not what we experience that influences us, it is the meaning we attach to it, how we interpret what happens to us, that forms our view of life and of ourselves.

It’s Time to Update Your Mind

Most of our thought patterns and beliefs are totally outdated. We run programmes in our head from a time we didn’t want to have a baby. For example, a client had such an impactful pregnancy scare as a teenager, thinking “my Dad will kill me if I’m pregnant”, that this was still hidden in her subconscious mind and still influencing her today. Her body still remembered this fear, it was still stuck inside of her, stuck in her cells, and her mind and body were still making sure she didn’t get pregnant today, because your mind’s number one job is to keep you safe and alive, and if you, subconsciously, think pregnancy will kill you, even though this wouldn’t have happened, it prevents you from getting pregnant. Your mind takes everything you say or think as the truth, it cannot distinguish between what you just say or what is real, so watch the words you put into your mind and into your head and choose them wisely.

Understanding is Power

RTT identifies your blocks, you will understand how you got these blocks and this understanding will help you to let go and release those blocks because you realise that those old programmes and beliefs are outdated, that they are not relevant anymore, and that they are in your way now. They had their relevance in the past, at a time when you didn’t want a child. You will see how your past experiences, something you went through, information you heard or read, affected you, how they brought you to where you are right now. You then understand that these are old beliefs and programmes you were running by and you then understand that that is not you anymore. It’s like being your own detective.

It is all about knowing and understanding why you are where you are. Knowledge is so empowering. When you know what’s blocking you, you can do something about it more easily.

Your Mind Does What it Thinks You Want It to Do

Something interesting you’ll discover during the session is, that there is a part of you that actually thinks that it is better for you not to get pregnant, or that thinks it is safer not to become a mother. And this part also thinks that this is what you want, too. Our mind hates change, it loves to stay in what’s familiar, and if you have doubts that having a child is the right decision, your mind will not support you in getting or staying pregnant. Your mind and body always do what they think is best for you. This sounds strange at first, but there was a time in your life at which you thought having a baby is not what you want, or that you could cope with, or at least something you weren’t sure about. And it may still be the fact that a part of you hasn’t caught up to your current desire of wanting a baby. It’s again an old programme stored in your cells, that is running you and that is in need of an update. We regularly update our phones, but do we ever update our mind?

You may not be aware of this part, and it may sound strange, but it is that part of you that keeps you stuck, stuck in the trying, stuck in the dark. So in our session together, you are able to communicate with this part of yourself, and understand why it is there, when it came into your life, and what it is doing for you, because this part is thinking it is still helping you today. I see it a lot with women who put their job first for a long time and who want to move up in their career, so they’ve been telling themselves, unconsciously for a long time, that it is not the right time for a baby, that their career is first, that a baby would slow them down, be in their way. And that is totally fine, of course women want to have a fulfilling work life. But now you want a baby, but that part of you is still running on the old programme of not getting you pregnant in order to support your career. In the session we can then update this part of you, and give it a new role, one that supports you with your new goal: becoming a mother. And of course also making clear that you can have a child and a career, something many women also fear, that they cannot have both. You can absolutely tell your mind to support you in your desire to become a mother and go back to work.

Something else I see often, and of course it makes a lot of sense, is with women who have gone through one or more miscarriages or stillbirths. There is a part of them that wants to protect them from going through the experience again, and the safest way to do so is to not let them get pregnant again, because then they cannot lose the baby. It is then necessary to communicate with this part of you, and make it see and understand that it makes you more unhappy to stay without a child. We can then give this part the role of supporting you in not losing the child. It is about releasing the fear of losing another child and making you feel supported and able to carry your child through 40 weeks of pregnancy. This is very much supported then by the next part of the session, in which you connect to your baby, to its spirit, soul, energy.

Connecting to You Baby

To me and my clients, this is the most beautiful part of the session. Feeling the presence and the connection with the child that is coming into your life is so special and so powerful. On the ‘trying to conceive’ journey, women are so focussed on the lack of the baby, on the fact that the baby isn’t there yet. And of course this fills them with pain and anxiety. The truth is though, that the spirit of your baby, its energy is already around you already now. It’s just that your mind is so busy and occupied that you don’t feel it. During the session, when your mind is quiet, you can connect to your baby and receive a message. It will tell you why it hasn’t been the right time yet, and what needs to happen for it to come to you. Your baby might give you a message of how it will connect with you during the day, too, so you know it is already there and you can communicate with each other. This has such a healing effect especially when you have ‘lost’ a baby before, because you can ask your baby why it didn’t stay…and you will come to an understanding that you haven’t really lost the baby after all...

Changing your perception from ‘no baby’ to ‘my baby is already here’ changes everything. Your baby is your guide, your teacher, it gives you time to make some adjustments, in your life or emotionally.

Connecting to Yourself

And when you mind is quiet, you can also connect to yourself more easily. We always think we need to ask the experts around us, that they know better, but it is the opposite: you know yourself best and you know what you need. So in the session you will get advice from your higher self, your inner wisdom. This part of you is always there, but we don’t hear it, as often we chose to listen to everyone around us but not to ourselves, with a mind completely focussed on the outside world, reacting to what’s going on around us. So when your mind is quiet and you are looking inside of yourself, you will get concrete, relevant advice from yourself about what you need to change and adjust in your life in order to become a mother. How amazing is that! Seeing and realising that you have all this wisdom inside of you, will help you believe in yourself again, making you look inward for advice instead of running around asking all the so-called experts. No one knows you better than you know yourself, how can anyone? But we forget this truth.

When You Heal Your Mind, the Body Can Follow

Should you experience any physical symptoms like hormone imbalances, irregular periods, endometriosis, PCOS etc, a tool called Cell Therapy helps you to free yourself from these symptoms. You use the power of your mind to tell your body what to do. Yes, you can do that. No drugs needed. Our bodies always mirror our minds, so when we heal our minds, when we release old emotions, the body can heal too. An imbalance in the body is always caused by an imbalance in the mind. Of course, things like nutrition and exercise are also important, but they cannot fix any condition in the body alone, without the mind, or better said: when you use the power of your mind, healing will happen more quickly and more easily. It is the mind that is neglected, and that is why I am making this my mission, creating more awareness about the power of the mind.

Your Subconscious Mind Runs Your Body

The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that keeps all bodily functions running, your body functions without you having to think about it. Your heart beats, you breathe and a million other things happen on autopilot. When you are in a deep state of relaxation, you directly communicate with the subconscious and therefore with your body. You can directly tell and instruct your body what you want it to do. When your hormone levels are out of balance, we will tell your body what to do in order to get to a balanced state again. We first find out why the hormones are out of balance, and then we help the body to get into homeostasis again. Through specific instructions and through visualisation you can support your body in the healing process. Your mind is so powerful, you have no idea. Your mind can absolutely cause changes within your body. It did to keep you from getting pregnant, and now we will undo those changes so you can get pregnant soon.

Visualising Your Future Self

The RTT session will end with a beautiful visualisation that I will guide you through. This is your transformation, creating the new, the future you, that you wish to become. Leaving the old you that was struggling to get pregnant and feeling anxious behind you, in your past, and replacing it with the new you, that enjoys her life again, trusting she is becoming a mother soon, feeling ready and knowing how to support herself. You will see yourself as a mother,  with your baby, and it will feel so real and attainable, because that is what it really is, it’s so available to you now, it doesn’t feel like a distant reality, you know you will achieve it very soon, developing the trust and the knowing that you are having a baby very soon.

All this together is so, so powerful. Most importantly you will show to yourself how powerful you are. How you have everything inside of you to heal yourself, you have everything inside of you to become a mother. And after the session, you will know which changes you need to make in your life. The personalised audio you receive after the session will help you make these changes, it will feel easy because you have released all the old stuff that used to be in your way and replaced it with the new you, with the way you want to feel and be from now on, and that will make such a change, moving you closer to your baby.

What I love about RTT is that it makes change possible easily. It is so powerful to finally understand why everything has been so hard and what you can do about it now. RTT is giving you an update, it is helping you become the person you want to be, not the one conditioned by her past. You free yourself from your past and move into a life you truly love and enjoy, making you feel empowered all the way, seeing that you can change your life, and RTT makes it easy and attainable very quickly.

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