Stories of women overcoming infertility.


Below I am sharing stories of women who have been successful with RTT, Rapid Transformational Therapy, being mothers today, you could be one of them! Remember that the experiences you have had in your life shape who you are today. These experiences can be very limiting, holding you back from where you want to be, or they can be empowering, pushing you forward where you desire to be. All experiences, everything we hear, see and do, is stored in our subconscious minds and these experiences shape our behaviour and our beliefs. Our habits and beliefs drive our behaviour and we have to implant empowering ones in order to thrive. Your mind has the power to influence your body, it does it all day long, mind and body communicate with each other constantly, and your mind does have the power to block your fertility if it thinks that having a baby is not good for you, is putting you in a unsafe situation. 

Believe it, or not, your mind has the power to stop you from conceiving or from carrying your baby full term. The good news is, that your intelligent mind had the power from blocking your fertility, it can also support you with having your baby, we just have to teach it and tell it what to do.

Melanie's story...

Having tried for around 2 years, Melanie had a feeling that something wasn't right, asking herself why she wasn't pregnant yet, as that is what was supposed to happen after going off the pill and having regular sex with her partner, right? Melanie was very successful in her job, but she felt and decided it was the right time now to have a baby.

In the session with Melanie, we went back to different scenes in her life which were the cause for her difficulty getting pregnant. Some things she remembered, some she didn't and she was surprised to see how much her experiences shaped her beliefs that she wasn't even aware of.  On a subconscious level, Melanie believed that getting pregnant will end her career and she had fear of giving birth as she believed it could kill her.

As a child she watched her mother bringing her and her brother up, but she could always sense that her mother wasn't happy with her role as a mother, sometimes Melanie felt she was more a burden than a joy to be around, overhearing her often say that she would love to go back to work and be successful in her old job, but it just wasn't possible. Melanie formed the belief that you cannot have a successful job and a child.

Another scene was about Melanie remembering that her friends asked her how she would  handle her career and a baby. This, Melanie could remember well, and it made her feel uncomfortable as she didn't know how to respond to her friends, but little did she know that this emphasised her belief further that career and family wasn't possible to combine.

A third scene Melanie went to in our session was when she was 2 years old, she remembered that she was on her mother's arm when a friend of her mother told her mother about the awful birth their neighbour just had, and that she almost died giving birth. Melanie couldn't actively remember this, but during our session, in a deep meditative state, her subconscious mind revealed this memory.

So uncovering all these fears, we were able to work out what the reason for her not getting pregnant was, and then we removed her fears and empowered her with better beliefs.