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Effortless Conception

You've been trying for a while (a long while) and you simply don't know why you are not getting pregnant. Let's find out together.

Conception After Miscarriage

You had at least one miscarriage, and are devastated and scared, not knowing why you cannot stay pregnant. I'll show you how your body will give you all the answers.

IVF Success Support

You have made the decision to do a cycle of IVF (or IUI). I am happy to support you with this, to make your first (or next) round a success.  I will support you during the different stages of your IVF journey from start to finish.

Secondary Infertility

You already have at least one child and cannot get pregnant again. You know your body is capable of carrying full term, but why is it not cooperating this time? We'll get the answers.


Like endometriosis, PCOS is a case of hormonal imbalance.  With the power of turning inward and learning how to communicate with your body, I will give you tools to make the symptoms fade and disappear.

Unexplained Infertility

Did you receive the diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility? Don't worry, only because your doctor doesn't know what's keeping you from getting pregnant, doesn't mean there's nothing you can do. After working with me, you will know what is causing your temporary infertility and together we can work to get you pregnant asap.


You have received the diagnosis of endometriosis, and you want your cramps to stop. We will look into why endometriosis is showing up and we will remove the underlying root cause, so you can live a normal life again and get pregnant if you wish.

Hormonal Issues

Your FSH levels are too high, or your AMH too low... You will be surprised to learn how you can influence your hormone levels. There is a lot you can do with nutrition, but I will also show you how you can instruct your body to release the right amount of hormones at the right time. Your mind is more powerful than you think!

Rapid Transformational Therapy works and is very powerful!

A life-changing RTT session is at the core of all the experiences I offer: getting to the root of what is blocking you from becoming a mother, removing those blocks and empowering you with new beliefs that support you in holding your baby in your arms! The experiences differ only in the length of the support and if you prefer to have live one-on-one coaching sessions or if you think it’s enough to be in touch over email.

Whatever diagnosis you received, after one powerful session with me, you will absolutely know what is keeping you stuck, what is delaying you in having your baby.

You are fertile, it is just that your fertility is temporarily blocked.

In as fast as 90 minutes I am helping you to kick off your journey into motherhood, you will be in charge of your fertility again, you will believe in yourself again, because you are becoming a mother. 

Are you curious to try and experience my work? Then download my free Conception Meditation.