Healing the Mother-to-be:

Emotional Freedom on Your Path to Parenthood



Hi, I'm Nina.

Passionate coach, mother of 4 children, optimist: I love to empower women, and I am here to help you turn your dream of becoming a mother into a reality.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for Fertility

I help you overcome infertility and end the frustrating cycle of trying to conceive. After one 90 minute session with me you will:

  • know why you haven’t fallen pregnant yet, or why you couldn’t stay pregnant to full term

  • have removed all the blocks that keep you from becoming a mother

  • turn fear and doubt into trust and confidence

  • feel connected to your future baby

  • feel energised and motivated, knowing you are becoming a mother soon

  • believe in yourself again and in your body’s ability to carry your baby to full term and birth a healthy baby

    Overall clients say that they sleep better, improved the relationship with their partner, and generally improved the quality of their life and felt more balanced again.


Get My Free Conception Meditation

Download this free guided visualisation and feel more relaxed and more confident in as little as 10 minutes. You will regain the certainty that you are a mother-to-be. 

How hypnosis can help you get pregnant.

I use hypnosis to supercharge your fertility: learn all you need to know and have your questions answered. 

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The truth about your fertility.

The mind-body-fertility connection is really the missing piece in the fertility puzzle that no one is talking about. 


Why you are not getting pregnant.

Everyone around you is having babies, why is it not happening for you? There is a reason...

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I'd love to help you with:

- Unexplained Infertility

- Secondary Infertility

- Endometriosis


- IVF Success Support

- Postnatal Depression

- Conception after Miscarriage

- Balancing Hormones


"How can you help me get pregnant when my doctor can't"

Doctors look at the body and what is wrong with it, they treat symptoms. I look at the person inside the body, I look at YOU. I ask what has happened to you that brought you where you are now, what is the root cause of the symptoms to develop? This makes all the difference!


Let’s go on a life-changing journey together!

READY TO CONCEIVE is preparing you for pregnancy and motherhood, making becoming a mother joyful again, giving you the confidence and clarity you deserve.

What my lovely clients say:


Your baby is closer than you think

I help you feel more connected to your spirit baby